Hi, my name is Marcos Castiel.


I am a hard core Star Wars fan.
When I was a kid I wanted to be an astronaut. I still do.
I travel a lot to work. I like traveling.
I believe editors are storytellers.


I love editing, usually one says that about his or her chosen profession, mostly to feel good about one's work, but in my case it is true.

When I was a teenager my ambition was to be a film director ( the astronaut thing did not work out), but shortly after starting in this business I realized I could either be a average director or try to be a good editor,

I chose the later.

I started at Publicis, as an "Assistant TV Producer", the title looked really good on my business card, but what I really did back them was to cut down longer versions of international commercials into 30" spots to be aired in Europe. A couple of years later, Carlos Reis, a film producer hired me. The idea was to be the resident editor at his production company, and slowly move towards directing, I remained an editor until today and a happy one. Since then I changed jobs quite a few times, working as resident editor in several production houses and post production companies.

In 2011 I left my job as senior editor at a production company to start working as a freelancer. Best call in my life!

More free time for myself and the family, more diversified jobs, I got to know and work with a bunch of new and established directors, great people, made new friends, edited interesting works, all around I am very happy with this freelancer thing I have going on.

I am a menber of the Guild of British Film Editors , and I am currently on the final stages of editing a series for Netflix.

Check out my reel and if you need an obsessive editor, give me a call.


Marcos Castiel