Marcos Castiel BFE



passionate cinephile, Marcos Castiel entered the filmmaking word with an eye towards directing, but quickly discovered the storytelling power of editing and made the switch, never looking back.

He began his career on the agency side, cutting his teeth editing global campaigns at Publicis, before moving to the production side where he spent a decade at top production and post houses, developing his reel across multiple genres.

Looking to further broaden his creative output, he made the shift to freelance and continued editing top international campaigns, earning industry acclaim including a Cannes Lions shortlist for his work with Visa and a LIA shortlist for Editorial a project with Amnesty International.

Marcos' talent and dedication also extends to the world of film, having lent his editorial voice to the Netflix Original Series "Gloria" and "Turn of the Tide," as well as the feature film "Restos do Vento",  official Selection for the Cannes Film Festival in 2022.

Marcos is a member of the Guild of British Film Editors.

When not globe-trotting for his career or seeking inspiration, Marcos enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, a reminder of the importance of balance in the pursuit of one's passion.